Football betting tips

Football betting tips maintains long term strike rates because we cover every statistic in the finest of details, which plays a key role if you want take your betting to a professional level, and make steady long term profits.

As a highly successful football betting tips team, we cover every aspect of football analysis over a 40 - 50 hours a week schedule.

This enables us to consistently achieve the strike rates listed below, and maintain them for the length of time that we have, this is the reason that we have managed to retain our long term clients for such a long period of time.

If you are interested in doing your own football betting tips, and you have the time to carry out all of the football analysis needed, then just research the statistics further down the page before making your football betting tips selections.

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  • 1.5 Goals Betting Tips

Football betting selections for this week!

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Football betting tips selections for Monday 20th November 2017 - Sunday 26th November 2017 are up on the site to ensure that you are able to get the best prices available, just click on the buttons below to view the selections for each of our chosen markets.

Our results section is based on a straight 1 point back bet on the over 2.5 or 3.5 goals market, both teams to score yes market, and home team win and both teams to score market, or you can simply lay the opposite for a 1 point liability providing you are using a betting exchange.

Huge profits can also be made from trading our selections on the over 4.5 goals, over 5.5 goals, and over 6.5 goals markets, just take a look at our results section and you will get the idea, just be disciplined and always bet responsibly.

You can also make great profits from simply trading on our selections, providing the market allows in play betting simply back our chosen selection then trade out for profit as the goals start flying in.

Please take into account that fixtures just after international breaks and other cup competitions, our results may not be as consistent as other weeks, so staking during these periods on any football bets should be kept to a minimum.

Please also note that although we are + 400 points in profit since October 2016 we do not make a profit every day and there are periods where we show a loss, but over the full 1 Month period providing that we hit our percentage strike rates we should show a profit, so please be advised to follow our selections with a 1% - 2% staking plan of your starting bank per point.

Good luck with your football betting tips!

  • High Success Rate Football Betting Tips

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Football betting tips for the best leagues in the world

To maintain a high success rate we only select games from 28 of the best football leagues in the world, because what we have found since we started with our football analysis and research way back in 2011, Is that for the most consistent results you are best sticking with top quality teams with top quality players and managers ect......

I think that you will agree with us that most of the current best players in the world play in either the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or the Brasileirao, but with China now coming in with big money offers for players, we think that this could really shake things up for the current transfer markets and the leagues listed here, but only time will tell.

Our current weekly schedule is to do 40 - 50 hours a week of detailed analysis on the types of statistics listed further down the page, and we cover 28 of the top leagues all around the world which are also listed further down the page, because what we have found is that by sticking to these strict set of rules and keeping very disciplined with our betting selections, we have managed to maintain long term strike rates of 60% - 90% within our chosen betting markets, with prices ranging from 1/4 up to 3/1.

This has helped us retain our current full access members, and achieve a nice long term profit from each of our chosen markets month after month, and year after year, we have recently decided to offer the exact same selections to anybody else that may be interested in making long term profits? 2016 has been a fantastic year for us and our long term members, so why not join us for an even more successful 2017.

Football Leagues of the highest quality are vital when it comes to maintaining a high betting strike rate over a long period of time, which is essentially why we have always focused our attention on only carrying out analysis on the leagues listed below.

Section A

Premier League

Premier League

La Liga
Segunda Division 2

Bundesliga 2

Serie A
Serie B

Ligue 1
Ligue 2

Section B


Portugese Liga

Turkish Super Liga

Greek super league

Pro League

Brazilian Campeonato


Premier League

Section C

Primera Division



Major League Soccer

Norwegian Tippeligaen

Swedish Allsvenskan

Finnish Veikkausliig

Swiss Super League

  • High Success Rate Football Betting Tips

Football betting tips match analysis

Football betting tips match analysis is a crucial part of the selection process if you are aiming to make steady long term profits from your football betting, we currently spend 40 - 50 hours a week on our match analysis, and we currently cover 28 of the best football leagues in the world, we carry out our match analysis on each and every game that week, which ensures that we only bet on the very best of our selections, this in turn has enabled us to maintain our long term strike rates, before making our selections the type of statistics that we currently research for each match are listed below.

Match Analysis A

Overall Performance
Most Games Since A Loss
Most Games Since A Win
Most Games Since Conceding A Goal
Most Games Since Scoring A Goal
Home Performance
Most Games Since A Home Loss
Most Games Since A Home Win
Most Games Since Conceding A HG
Most Games Since Scoring A HG
Away Performance
Most Games Since An Away Loss
Most Games Since An Away Win
Most Games Since Conceding AG
Most Games Since Scoring AG
Best Average Goals PG
Worst Average Goals PG

Match Analysis B

Home Scoring
Best Average Goals Per HG
Worst Average Goals Per HG
Away Scoring
Best Average Goals Per AG
Worst Average Goals Per AG
Best Average Goals Conceded PG
Worst Average Goals Conceded PG
Most Games Since Conceding a Goal
Home Defence
Best Average Goals Conceded AH
Worst Average Goals Conceded AH
Most Games Since Conceding a HG
Away Defence
Best Average Goals Conceded Away
Worst Average Goals Conceded Away
Most Games Since Conceding an AG

Match Analysis C

Possession %
Pass Success %
Tackles per goal %
Interceptions per goal %
Fouls per goal %
Offsides per goal %
Shots OT per goal %
Dribbles completed %
Fouled per goal %
Out Of Box goals scored %
Six Yard Box goals scored %
Penalty Area goals scored %
Open Play goals scored %
Counter Attack Set Piece%
Through Ball per goal%
Long Balls per goal %
Short Passes per goal %

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