Best Football Leagues In The World Today

Best Football Leagues

Why we only select games from the Best Football Leagues in the world?
Well what we have found since we started with our football analysis and research way back in 2011, Is that for the most consistent results you are best sticking with top quality teams with top quality players and managers ect......
I think that you will agree with us that most of the current best players in the world play in either the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or the Brasileirao.
With China now coming in with big money offers for players, this could shake things up for the current transfer markets and the leagues listed above.
Our current weekly schedule is to do 40 - 50 hours of detailed analysis on the types of statistics listed here. And we cover 28 of the best football leagues around the world which are listed here.
We have found that by sticking with this strict set of rules and keeping very disciplined with our selections, we have managed to maintain long term strike rates of 60% - 90% within our chosen markets, with prices ranging from 1/4 up to 3/1.
This has helped us retain our current long term clients, and achieve a nice profit from each of our chosen markets month after month, and year after year.
We have decided to expand now, and offer the exact same selections to anybody else that may be interested in making long term profits.
2016 has been a fantastic year for us and our long term clients, why not join us for an even more successful 2017.

As you can guess most of our selections are on Saturday and Sunday, but we do also put selections on the site through the week, providing that there are enough games on, and they fall within our selection process.

The way in which we make our selections takes a lot of time and hard work, for the 28 leagues that we currently cover, we carry out the analysis on the statistics listed on our about page, and once the home team and the away team fall within certain percentage brackets, then they become a qualified selections for either over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals or both teams to score.

With our selection process being so focused on the finest of details within each teams statistic profile, we may only average betting on maybe 30 - 40 games per week, but we like to focus on quality selections as appose to quantity, as this professional and disciplined approach is the reason why we have managed to maintain our current long term strike rates and retain our currently full access members.

If you are looking to do the research and analysis yourself, just carry out the analysis needed on each home and away team, and if each of the statistics that is listed on our about page falls with certain percentages then they qualify for your chosen betting market.

Best Football Leagues
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