Tips Football Bets

Tips Football Bets

Tips Football Bets are provided by us after we have done extensive research and analysis on the 28 leagues and matches that we currently cover, we have managed to maintain our long term high strike rates by carrying out analysis on each match in the finest of details and once a match falls within our percentage criteria then it simply becomes a selection within the betting market that it qualified for from our carefully researched selection process.

The kind of statistics that we research for each match is covered on our about page, and our long term strike rates and selections are covered on our results page.

As you can guess most of our selections are on Saturday and Sunday, but we do also put selections on the site through the week, providing that there are enough games on, and they fall within our selection process.

The way in which we make our selections takes a lot of time and hard work, for the 28 leagues that we currently cover, we carry out the analysis on the statistics listed on our about page, and once the home team and the away team fall within certain percentage brackets, then they become a qualified selections for either over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals or both teams to score.

With our selection process being so focused on the finest of details within each teams statistic profile, we may only average betting on maybe 30 - 40 games per week, but we like to focus on quality selections as appose to quantity, as this professional and disciplined approach is the reason why we have managed to maintain our current long term strike rates and retain our currently full access members.

If you are looking to do the research and analysis yourself, just carry out the analysis needed on each home and away team, and if each of the statistics that is listed on our about page falls with certain percentages then they qualify for your chosen betting market.

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