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Welcome To Football Betting Tips

Here at football betting tips we have been able to maintain our long-term strike rates because we cover every statistic in the finest of details, which plays a key role if you want to take your betting to a professional level and make steady long term profits.

As a highly successful football betting tips syndicate, we were without a doubt one of the best football prediction site of the year throughout 2017 because we cover every aspect of football analysis before making today's match predictions.

This has enabled us to consistently achieve the strike rates listed further down the page, and to maintain them for the length of time that we have, this is the reason that we have managed to retain our long term members for such a long period of time.

Once you have chosen one of our very low cost subscription packages, you will receive your login details via your PayPal email address.

Due to us having such a high profit turn over throughout 2017, for a limited time only we have decided to massively reduce our subscription packages by a staggering 80% for all new members. What this now means is that you now have the opportunity to start making steady long term profits from all of our single, and multiple bets from as little as just £2.00 per month.

Once you have logged into the site you will be able to access the best football betting tips for today and our football prediction for tomorrow within the blue tabs, which can be located further down the page.

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Football betting tips selections for this week

All of our football betting tips from Monday 21st May 2018 to Sunday 27th May 2018 are up on the site to ensure that you are able to get the best prices available, just click on the buttons below to view the selections for each of our chosen markets.

Our results section is based on a straight 1 point back bet on the over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, and home team win and both teams to score markets, or you can simply lay the opposite for a 1 point liability providing you are using a betting exchange.

Please take into account fixtures just after international breaks and other cup competitions, our results may not be as consistent as other weeks, so staking during these periods on any football betting tips should be kept to a minimum.

Please also note that although we are around + 400 points in profit since April 2017, we do not make profit every day and there are periods where we show a loss, but over the full 1 month period providing that we hit our percentage strike rates we should show a profit, so please be advised to follow our selections with a 1% - 2% staking plan of your starting bank per point.

You can also make great profits from simply trading on our football betting tips, providing the market allows in play betting, simply back our chosen selection then trade out for profit as the goals start flying in.

We really appreciate you taking an interest in our service at football betting tips, and we hope to make even more profit this year for all of our new and existing members. We are aiming to do this by just focusing on our most profitable markets which are the over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, and home team win and both teams to score.

Once you have logged into our site at football betting tips you will be able to access all of the weeks football betting tips selections within the blue tabs below.

Good luck with your football betting tips!

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Recent profit margins

The profit margins below are based on level stakes of just £10.00 per point, and they show how much profit some members are currently on from following all of our single and multiple selections from the dates shown till now. Over these periods we have had losing days/weeks, however, our betting strategy works on a percentage basis over the course of months/years, which is why it is crucial that you only stake 1% - 2% of your betting bank per point after you have subscribed and start following our football betting tips selections.

01-04-2018 + £190

01-03-2018 + £510

01-02-2018 + £790

01-01-2018 + £1010

01-12-2017 + £1640

Long term profitable strike rates

Our long term profitable strike rates below show just how our selections get on within each of our chosen football markets. We have gone over all of our results from the beginning of February until the end of April, and calculated each market with there percentage strike rates from all of our selections. We will update this section at the end of each Month, and all of the calculations will be taken over the most recent 3 Month period.

Over 1.5 goals market

Average price = 1/2
Number of bets = 30
Number of bets won = 20
Strike rate = 67%
Points profit = 0

Over 2.5 goals market

Average price = 11/10
Number of bets = 100
Number of bets won = 55
Strike rate = 55%
Points profit = + 5

Over 3.5 goals market

Average price = 3/1
Number of bets = 32
Number of bets won = 12
Strike rate = 38%
Points profit = + 16

Goals and win market

Average price = 4/1
Number of bets = 32
Number of bets won = 12
Strike rate = 38%
Points profit = + 28

Football Betting Tips

Today football match prediction banker

After studying the football data our football match prediction banker will always be located within our multiple bets selections which can be located within the blue tabs, these are the best football predictions on the site which have been carefully selected by our expert tipsters after a very detailed and thorough selections process, just take a look at our results section.

Our site is up there with the very best sports betting services when it comes to predicting football fixtures effectively, and producing enough winning results to show long term profits from all of our selections. Winning soccer predictions is something that we have great pride in, and when you subscribe to our service at football betting tips consistent monthly profits are 100% guaranteed.

We are a service that all of our members can rely on when it comes to selecting only the very best football fixtures worth getting involved in to further enhance our long term profits and increase our very impressive strike rates, when it comes to picking winning selections you will find that we are the best soccer prediction site currently available.

Best football prediction site of the year

From our profit margins and our long term strike rates we were certainly one of the best, if not the best football prediction site of the year throughout 2017, we always give our members 100% when it comes to attention to detail, and a disciplined approach to making long term profits from gambling.

Just take a look at our up to date profitable strike rates from our selections within football markets such as the over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, over 4.5 goals, home team win, and home team win and both teams to score.

Our tips and predictions will influence you to win a lot more times than you will lose, and our syndicate of betting experts have a very professional approach when it comes to football data and making profitable decisions, this will guide you to betting on football effectively, and you can simply subscribe from as little as just £2.00 per month.

Football Betting Tips
Football Betting Tips

Best football tips for today

To instantly start profiting from the best football tips for today, you will simply need to subscribe via paypal to one of our very low cost subscription packages which start from as little as £5.00 per month, all the way down to just £2.00 per month, once you are logged in you will soon start making a profit and reaping the rewards, without the risk of something like spread betting.

You can tell from our posting section that at football betting tips we additionally help members by anticipating beyond any doubt after careful analysis of the football data the best football predictions for today and tomorrow. We additionally have a data base of statistics which is used by our expert tipsters to determine the best football predictions and tips for the week.

Members who use our site for there football betting instantly have the chance to plan well in advance how they are going to make as much profit as possible from our football predictions and football betting tips.

Best football prediction site free

Here at football betting tips we pretty much are the best football prediction site free, as most of our members instantly make there subscription fee back along with some profit on top, from there very first week of following our selections, and our football draw prediction banker this weekend.

As you probably already know, there are a lot of football tipping websites currently available, offering fixed odds, although most of them appear to be just set up as affiliate marketing sites which then profit from you signing up and losing money, they don't actually dedicate any time into studying football data and helping you to make long term profits.

We are the complete opposite to most of the other football tipping websites currently available, as we help all of our members make as much profit as possible, and this is the primary motivation behind why we consistently put hours of work in each week.

Football Betting Tips
Hi I have found the service excellent value for money so far, my betting style is to back singles, short price doubles and the occasional treble or 4 fold bet. Keep up the good work and all the best. Thomas

I am very impressed with the service. I wasn’t too sure what to expect at first, but I’m very pleased that I have signed up for a year. I’m only betting to £2.50 a point at the moment but will be up to £3.50 soon. Long may the success continue. All the best Marcus

I have been using your service for over 8 months now, and in all this time I can surely say that I am fully satisfied. So glad i found this service. You do a great job! Phil

Following your selections each week, which have been selected from a very detailed analysis process. Has helped me to remain disciplined, and make a very nice and steady long term profit. Cheers Simon.

Professional sports trading experts

Here at football betting tips we are constantly growing as a company, and whilst in the process of doing so we have managed to gain connections with some of the leading sports trading experts from around the country. What this now means is that you now have the opportunity to gain full access to there premium trading selections on a daily basis, and start making regular long term profits from the various markets before the event even takes place.

Each of the professional trading services currently have an average ROI of over 20% within each of there chosen sports. So it really does offer you a very simple solution to know which selections are going to be heavily backed throughout the day, resulting in a reduction in price by up to 3 points, this in turn will give you the option to green up for pure profit, and all this is before the event even takes place.

We are currently connected to Horse racing trading experts, Greyhound racing trading experts, and Tennis match trading experts, and as we grow as a company we will possibly gain access to even more professional sports trading experts.

  • Football Betting Tips
Football Betting Tips

Football prediction for tomorrow

To be one of the best football prediction sites in the world you can imagine most of our selections will take place over the weekend when most of the top leagues play, but we do at times have selections midweek if we feel that the fixtures played within this time period fit with our football betting strategy and are worth getting involved in, we don't however just put selections up for the sake of it, we firmly believe in quality over quantity which is why we are able to maintain our long term profits and strike rates.

It is clear to see from our results section and our overall strike rates that you can make long term profits from following all of our football betting predictions, our specialists have looked through on estimation around 100 fixtures per week, and carefully selected which are the best football wagers to get involved in.

Here at football betting tips, we have a very experienced syndicate of football tipsters who look through every football statistic in great detail so that you don't need to, we examine information that most punters don't think of when choosing each selection for our members.

Football prediction banker for this weekend

Once you have subscribed and start following our selections you will soon discover that our football betting predictions mostly either go in or go very close to going in, and this is purely down to the correct studying of the football data, and the experience that has gone into each of the selections that is provided to our members.

For the football predictions for tomorrow our specialists have trawled through all of the necessary data from the web and only after each individual has agreed to everything will this then become one of our selections, and we will start looking at the betting odds.

To assemble all of the data that is required to make the kind of consistent results that we do takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and commitment. And we do this because we take great pride in pretty much guaranteeing our members a monthly profit.

Football Betting Tips
Football Betting Tips

Best football prediction site in the world

Our over 2.5 prediction for today here at football betting tips we consistently put in the hours and only choose the best betting selections of the day, each week from every fixture within the 29 leagues that we cover, this is what makes us one of the best football prediction sites in the world. Football betting tips are our main strength because our syndicate of wagering specialists scour the various football markets to source the best profitable wagers and football tips so you don't need to.

Our betting strategy for ensuring that each of our members makes the most profit from our football predictions, is to use them in 4 folds, trebles, doubles, and high probability single bets, although some members also choose to use our selections in arbitrage betting if the correct prices are available.

Site that predict football matches correctly

For the best football tips today we avoid markets like first goal scorer and asian handicaps, as we want each of our members to be betting at a professional level, and be able to remain disciplined within there betting bank, if you feel that you are ready to take this kind of approach to betting then this service is perfect for you, as we are possibly the most consistent football tipping service currently available, especially when it comes to predicting the outcome of a match within our chosen betting markets.

Football is quickly developing as the favoured sport for professional gamblers to make steady long term profits from, and now you have the opportunity to follow our syndicate of football experts when it comes to fixture analysis each week, we only post up high quality selections, and all you need to do to start betting at a professional level, is simply subscribe, login, and start following our selections.

Football Betting Tips
Good Afternoon. I took advantage of your 75% discounted offer last week and bet on all of the single and multiple bets, and I am delighted to tell you that not only is my subscription paid for, but I am in profit. Very well done and keep up the good work, Many Thanks Mark

Your service is unreal. I never thought you could make long term profits from football, but your service has proven me wrong, I have never known anything like this. Many, many thanks David.

Hi. I followed your results and decided to join up in the middle of September. I have already won back the subscription fee, plus a nice sum on top. I have been profiting from your selections by laying, backing, and trading which is Fantastic. Best wishes Stuart.

During my time with your service, I’ve seen a lot of dedication and professionalism, my experience is that the FBT syndicate is driven by attention to detail which gives members an edge over the bookies. It’s a fantastic place for football lovers, I can honestly say it’s the best service of its kind. Many Thanks Peter.

The best football leagues in the world

The reason that we carry out such a detailed and thorough selection process within only 29 of the best leagues, is because we really focus on our today football match prediction bankers. We take great pride in our work and always do our best to maintain our profitable strike rates. To be the best football prediction site we only select our football bankers this weekend from 29 of the best football leagues in the world, because what we have found since we started with our football analysis and research way back in 2011 is that for the most consistent results, it is best to stick with top quality teams with top quality players and managers etc....... to enable consistency within our soccer banker predictions.

For our tomorrow football match prediction banker i think that you will agree with us that most of the current best players in the world play in either the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or the Eredivisie, but with China now coming in with big money offers for players, we think that this could really shake things up for the current transfer markets and the leagues listed here, but only time will tell, simply subscribe for our football bankers.

Our current weekly schedule is to do 40-50 hours a week of detailed analysis on the types of statistics listed further down the page, and we cover 29 of the top leagues all around the world which are also listed further down the page, because what we have found is that by sticking to these strict set of rules and keeping very disciplined with our betting selections, we have managed to maintain long-term strike rates of 60%-80% within our chosen betting markets such as the over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, and home team win and both teams to score with prices ranging from 11/10 up to 3/1.

This has helped us retain our long term members and achieve a nice long-term profit from each of our chosen markets month after month, and year after year. We have recently decided to offer the exact same selections to anybody else that may be interested in making long-term profits? 2017 has been a fantastic year for us and our long-term members, so why not join us for an even more successful 2018.

Football Leagues of the highest quality are vital when it comes to soccer bankers for the weekend and maintaining a high betting strike rate over a long period of time, which is essentially why we have always focused our attention on only carrying out analysis on the leagues listed below.

Ligue 1
Ligue 2



Portugese Liga

Turkish Super Liga

Pro League


Greek Super league

Australian A-League

Série A


Primera Division


Major League Soccer




Super League

J1 League


  • Football Betting Tips
Following your selections has been a great choice thanks to your dedication and commitment to making your customers long term profits by only posting up real quality selections each week. Great Stuff Andy.

Before subscribing i followed your results and soon realised that to maintain your long term strike rates you would have to be a professional team of betting experts. Great Work Jake.

This is certainly a solution that gamblers can rely on. It is the fastest and most professional service which pretty much guarantees long term profits. Mike.

This is without any doubt one of the best and most professional football tipping services on the market. It’s simple in its design and features only the options you actually need for making profit. Patrick.

Our match analysis

We have a very detailed and thorough selection process which is crucial when we are selecting our football prediction banker for this weekend, and also our football tips for today if you are aiming to make steady long term profits from your football betting. For instance we currently spend around 40-50 hours a week on our match analysis, and we currently cover 29 of the best football leagues in the world, we carry out our match analysis for today football match prediction banker, and on every game each week, which ensures that we only bet on the very best selections, this in turn has enabled us to maintain our long term strike rates.

Before making our best soccer betting tips predictions, the types of statistics that we currently research for our soccer betting tips site for each fixture are listed below, these are the kind of statistics that helps us maintain being one of the best football prediction sites of the year.

Match Analysis A

Most Games Since Conceding A Goal
Most Games Since Scoring A Goal
Most Games Since A Home Loss
Most Games Since A Home Win
Most Games Since Conceding A HG
Most Games Since Scoring A HG
Most Games Since An Away Loss
Most Games Since An Away Win
Most Games Since Conceding AG
Most Games Since Scoring AG

Match Analysis B

Best Average Goals Per HG
Best Average Goals Per AG
Best Average Goals Conceded PG
Worst Average Goals Conceded PG
Most Games Since Conceding a Goal
Best Average Goals Conceded AH
Worst Average Goals Conceded AH
Most Games Since Conceding a HG
Best Average Goals Conceded Away
Most Games Since Conceding an AG

Match Analysis C

Shots OT per goal %
Dribbles completed %
Out Of Box goals scored %
Six Yard Box goals scored %
Penalty Area goals scored %
Open Play goals scored %
Counter Attack Set Piece%
Through Ball per goal%
Long Balls per goal %
Short Passes per goal %

We really hope that you enjoy following our service

We really appreciate your support here @ football betting tips, and at least 20% of all donations will go towards a good cause.

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