5 Reasons why people lose from football betting

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5 Reasons why people lose from football betting

1. Your simply just in the majority

In sports betting it is regular to state that over the long haul around 80% of football bettors lose money, while 20% are profitable. In spite of the fact that the 80% lose their cash in a run of the mill week, most keep on betting on the grounds that they enjoy it.

This is an entanglement that can trap most bettors and where the percentages dependably supports the bookmaker, you need to research information and use skill factors to ensure that you win more often than you lose.

You presumably have been in that 80% gathering, and lost cash betting on football at some point, yet what are the other primary reasons that football bettors lose? The following are similar fundamental ones so read on and attempt to work out for yourself how you can enhance your football betting strategy, and maintain some great results.

2. Lack of knowledge

This can likewise be depicted as a person being ignorant to the information that can be used to help you get educated about your football markets and being proficient on issues of each football match statistic. Numerous bettors lose cash as a result of poor research and analysis techniques.

Just because you can name most of the popular players in world and you have a basic understanding about football, does not mean you have a superior opportunity to win a bet. You have to investigate, break down each statistic and pattern, calculate the correct staking plan, And only place your money on fixtures with the highest probabilities and the most obvious opportunities to win.

In football betting, research and analysis is key to maintaining long term profits and strike rates and you should endeavor to gain as much knowledge as possible.

3. Incorrect staking plan

Having a poor staking plan is a key reason behind why most bettors lose there bank roll. There is a huge contrast between the bettor with no cash management, and a bettor who uses the correct staking plan consistently, this is something covered within our posting section.

For instance, it is reckless to wager £10.00 on one bet and then bet £100.00 on another. This is stating that you will need ten times better knowledge with your second bet, and you don't.

While it is conceivable to win a couple of bets where you have staked greater, this methodology will lose in the long run. Bettors regularly increase their stakes after a win or a loss and in both cases it usually does'nt end well.

You have to protect your betting bank and you must be restrained when it comes to staking, here at football betting tips we recommend that the best way to do this is by only betting 1% - 2% of your bank roll consistently per bet.

5 Reasons why people lose from football betting

4. Betting games just because they are televised

Many bettors are too quick to place their money on live games. There is an extra excitement and feel of involvement that comes with betting on live games, regardless of how confident you feel about your bets. However, you are no more likely to win betting on a live game than one that’s played later tonight or tomorrow so, if you’re tempted only by the excitement, the amount you stake on such games should be much smaller than your standard bet amount.

A decent number of online bookies have included price boosts on such fixtures for this very reason, to make them even more appealing for punters to bet on, yet don't get derailed to much on these betting opportunities on the off chance that you may just get lucky. Stick to what you know and don't spend your well earned cash on other betting choices that you have'nt researched properly.

5 Reasons why people lose from football betting

5. Choosing the wrong fixtures to bet on

Football gets the most number of bets since it is the most popular well known sport to watch. However if you don't select the correct fixtures, or you bet without carrying out the correct research and analysis, it will appear to be very hard from which to produce long term profits.

You need to recognize that you don't need to appreciate the game you are betting on with a specific result to win. Instead just like the syndicate team here at football betting tips, discover what your strengths are, instead of discarding hard-earned cash on what every other person is betting on, we do feel that we offer some fantastic low cost subscription packages.

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