Over 3.5 goals tips

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Over 3.5 goals tips

Over 3.5 goals tips

Over 3.5 goals tips are carefully selected after a very detailed and thorough selection process from all of tyhe football data here at football betting tips. So thorough in fact that from possibly well over 100 fixtures for the chosen week, we may only have around 2 - 4 actual games that we fancy being an over 3.5 goals tip, although we are accurate enough within this market to give each of our members a long term profitable strike rate, this is clearly indicated within our up to date results section, and our overall strike rates.

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Over 4.5 goals predictions

Over 3.5 goals tips from our service have been known to also end up with over 4.5 goals. So we have started recording these statistics for our members on a 3 Monthly basis, which can be viewed on our home page, if we were to put selections up as an over 4.5 goals predictions, then they would currently have a long term strike rate of around 20%, with an average price of 6/1, and considering that you can follow all of our selections by simply choosing from one of our very low cost subscription packages, we think that you will find our service to be excellent value for money.

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Over 3.5 goals means

Over 3.5 goals tips means that there has to be at least 4 goals or more within the chosen fixture for the bet to come in, which is exactly why it is crucial that you need to study every statistic in very fine detail before making these types of selections, and here at football betting tips we do exactly that with our syndicate of football analysis experts, this can be quite similar when betting at a professional level within any type of sports betting.

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Over 3.5 goals tips

Strongly over 3.5 prediction

Over 3.5 goals tips can sometimes look like an absolute banker on paper, but if you have not taken into account a few key factors, and studied the statistics in very fine detail, at first glance what looks like a banker for a fixture with a lot of goals, could actually be a very low scoring game, although this comes with years of experience and hard work analyzing statistics, you can get a better idea from some of the articles within our posting section, but to run a successful betting strategy, there first has to be a process of trial and error, until each detail is as finely tuned as it can be.

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Over 3.5 goals tips

Best under 3.5 predictions

Over 3.5 goals tips works in the same way as the best under 3.5 predictions, again you have to correctly study a lot of key factors within a fixture, and go over each static in very fine detail to actually predict to a very high percentage strike rate that fixtures are going to end up under 3.5 goals. Due to the low price you need a very high strike rate for this to return a long term profit.

We only provide our members with the best football tips for today. And you could also start benefiting from our football betting tipster today matches. We have a great team when it comes to betting tips soccer match tipsters, and we only post up the very good football bets for today. And we will possibly also have the best football betting tips tonight, simply making us the very best football betting tips site. You will soon discover that we are possibly the best football prediction site in the world , which will always provide you as a member with the best football draw prediction banker for this weekend.

Over 2.5 goals predictions for today

Over 3.5 goals tips works in exactly the same way as our over 2.5 goals predictions for today, we have a very highly experienced syndicate of football betting experts that have years of experience, and know exactly what key statistics need to fall into which percentage brackets for a fixture to have a very high chance of being over 2.5 goals.

Over 5.5 goals

Over 3.5 goals tips can also end up being over 5.5 goals although this is very rare as there has to be 6 goals of more within the actual fixture, this is very unlikely to happen within a football match which is also reflected within the price as the over 5.5 goals market can be priced up as high as 50/1 depending on the 2 teams.

Over 3.5 goals tips

Under 3.5 goals strategy

Over 3.5 goals tips would have completely the same strategy as an under 3.5 goals strategy because you would need to research the exact same statistics, the only thing that would change is the fact that your looking for other key factors that would make a fixture low scoring, but this can only come with trial and error and years of experience within sports betting.

Over 3.5 goals tips

Over 1.5 soccer predictions

Over 3.5 goals tips works in the same way as over 1.5 soccer predictions as you are looking for fixtures with at least 2 goals or more, and due to low price you need a strategy that gives you a very high percentage strike rate for this to return a long term profit, this is still a very popular bet amongst punters that enjoy trying to hit an over 1.5 goals accumulator bet.

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